Project coordinator

DOC Cerrado, Brasília (DF)

OCT 2013 - MAR 2015

DOC Cerrado is a science outreach project, with the mission of making the general public aware of the natural history and intrinsic value of the Cerrado biome. As the project coordinator, I was responsible for managing activities and establishing guidelines together with my team, besides making and maintaining partnerships with other institutions and collaborators.

Photographer, cinegraphist

DOC Cerrado, Brasília (DF)

OCT 2013 - MAR 2015

I was responsible for recording, editing and publishing multimedia materials about wildlife. I have also developed a set of tools for filming, photographing and managing wildlife data, including a camera-trap videos database, a camera-coupled quadcopter for aerial imagery, a time-lapse intervalometer using arduino platform, and a small-scale live-streaming monitoring system using raspberry pi.


LNCC (MSc project), Petrópolis (RJ)

MAR 2016 - JUN 2018

I have proposed a novel network-based approach for modeling the taxonomic interests and collaborations of collectors contributing to biological collections, based on species occurrence datasets.

Research Assistant

Podos Lab @ University of Massachusetts, Amherst (MA - USA)

JAN - MAY 2013

Assisted Dr. Dave Hof in his PhD project, while studying patterns of aggression signaling in male Blue-black Grassquits (Volatinia jacarina). We investigated whether they convey reliable, or "honest" information about themselves while performing their leaping displays. My main contribution was on analyzing audio recordings from the lab's multimedia database.

Dumont Lab @ University of Massachusetts, Amherst (MA - USA)

JAN - MAY 2013

Started developing a 3D analysis routine (supervised by Dan Pulasky) for comparing the degree of sexual isolation among different species of damselflies. By computationally comparing the surfaces interspecific males' and females' sexual appendages matching, we expected to detect some degree of morphologic differentiation, which might explain evolutionary divergences among them.

Fish Lab @ University of Massachusetts, Amherst (MA - USA)

JAN - MAY 2013

Performed a 3D computational analysis of the skull structure of an electric fish (Microsternarchus bilineatus), supervised by Dan Pulasky and Dr. Cristina Cox Fernandes. This process consisted of obtaining a clear 3D model of the hyoid and branchial complexes, which could point potential new features that might be used for updating taxonomic relationships of the group.

Aquarium intern

Ubatuba Aquarium, Ubatuba (SP)

JAN 2011 - FEB 2011

The interns participated on the daily routine of the aquarium, on-hands experience on many aspects of the institution. We were involved with the animals' feeding procedure, cleaning of the exhibition tanks and communication with visitors.


National Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LNCC/MCTIC), Petrópolis (RJ)

Master of Science - Computational Modeling

MAR 2016 - JUN 2018

Thesis title: New perspectives on analyzing data from biological collections based on social network analytics

Keywords: Data Science, Complex Networks, Biodiversity Informatics

Advisors: Artur Ziviani, Luiz M. R. Gadelha Jr.

University of Massachusetts, Amherst (MA) - USA

Exchange Student

AUG 2012 - AUG 2013

Financed by the Brazilian Government

Brazilian Science Without Borders Scholarship - CAPES

University of Brasília, Brasília (DF)

Bachelor and Licentiate degrees - Biology

MAR 2009 - DEC 2014

Activities: PET Biologia, UnB-Cerrado Research Group, SEMABIO organizing commitee, Teaching Assistant, Scientific Initiation Program (PIBIC/CNPq), Institutional Extension Program (PIBEX/DEX-UnB)